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Experiences from a bow hunter

Af: Tony Madigan

Over Easter  I went bow hunting in South Africa. I downed three animals over five days of hunting, and was an amazing experience…. I definately have to go back next year.

I must admit that I have never shot better with a bow (BowTech Invasion – #60). I downed the Blue Wilderbeast with a shot through the heart at 27 meters, from my knees…. That is, after waiting for him to turn for an agonizing 25 minutes. He ran and fell within 40 meters.


The other two animals (an Impala and a Warthog) were also clean kills, shot at 18 and 27 meters.


The hunting experience plus the fantastic natural environment and I was hooked. South Africa is a great country, and I am already planning a hunting trip for next year.